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Blog Update: Tips to Protect Employees From Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens

Providing equipment such as gloves and goggles, offering training on contamination prevention and implementing related practices and policies at your operation will ensure the health and safety of employees.
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Risk of Infectious Diseases in Correctional Facilities is Preventable

While most correctional facilities are diligent in their efforts to manage disease, the battle can be overwhelming. Regardless of sanitation efforts, most inmates share communal toilets. In some jails, especially smaller ones, it is not unheard of for 30 or 40 prisoners in a block or quad to share one toilet, one shower stall and one sink.
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The Importance of Protecting the Public from Infectious Diseases in Correctional Facilities

There is no way to soften the statement that correctional facilities can be a haven for infectious disease. A wide variety of diseases can affect not only inmates themselves, but the thousands of employees, visitors and volunteers that come into contact with prisoners each year at the typical institution. While it is well understood that the majority of prison professionals and the jails and prisons themselves are diligent in efforts to manage the spread of disease, it remains a very real threat to the men and women who go to work in correctional facilities each day.......
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Do You Have a Plan ?

Yes, what is your companies or departments exposure control plan ? Is it in writing ? Are all employees and staff aware of the steps to take if exposed bloodborne pathogen ?
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