The 2012 National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs) from the Joint Commission include specific plans geared to ambulatory, behavioral, critical access, home care, hospitals, laboratory services, long term care, long term care via Medicare and Medicaid, and office-based surgery providers. 

Standards, for example, in the home care industry, are grouped under a variety of sections including emergency management, environment of care, equipment management, human resources, infection prevention and control, information management, leadership, life safety, medication management, provision of care, treatment and services, record of care, treatment and services, rights and responsibilities of the individual, and waived testing procedures.

Broken down further, for example, the 'Environment of Care" category is divided into standards sections related to a multitude of issues including - but not limited to - eyewashes, installation of call buttons, labeling oxygen and other compressed gas cylinders, and hazardous materials. Meanwhile, the category of "Provision of Treatment, Care and Services" includes sub-categories ranging from pulse oximentry to spiritual assessment.

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More information on the Joint Commission's 2012 National Patient Safety Goals can be found here: