While most correctional facilities are diligent in their efforts to manage disease, the battle can be overwhelming. Regardless of sanitation efforts, most inmates share communal toilets. In some jails, especially smaller ones, it is not unheard of for 30 or 40 prisoners in a block or quad to share one toilet, one shower stall and one sink. Typically, simple sanitation devices like toilet paper and bars of soap disappear quickly, making it difficult for inmates to regularly wash their hands.

Beyond any doubt, this remains a recipe for the rapid spread of disease. This affects not only inmates and employees, but those who regularly visit and interact with prisoners. This list can include criminal defense attorneys who meet in close quarters with inmates. And, in county and city jails, certainly the police officers, and probation and parole officers who regularly have just come in physical contact with a prisoner they have apprehended and transported to the facility. Imagine the officers who frequent the drunk tank every weekend night, perhaps sporting a wet lap full of hastily wiped-off vomit courtesy of the inebriated prisoner they've just dealt with or come in contact with at your facility. 

At PPEKits.com, we imagine that every jail would wish to offer their visitors a quick, convenient way to disinfect themselves from whatever bodily fluid or airborne pathogen they may have just dealt with. It's a vital community service not only for the officer or visitor, but also for the families of the men and women who are at risk when their loved ones return home after a shift. 

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