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Crime Scene Investigators Stay Protected

(NIJ) National Institute for Justice lists Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as "essential items for crime scene personal"
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National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Guidelines for the Handling of Dangerous Drugs

Nurses and even family caregivers are being asked and expected to handle hazardous drugs, like chemotherapy medication, at a higher rate than ever before.
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Restoration & Safety Tips After a Fire or Wildfire

While the emotional damage may be as significant as the physical damage, property owners must maintain their smarts when entering a damaged structure or fire-ravaged area.
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Personal Protection Equipment Needs After a Wildfire

As wildfires continue to rampage across Colorado and other sections of the western United States, homeowners and property owners are beginning to enter the remnants of their destroyed properties, attempting to salvage what they can while ascertaining the extent of damage.
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Video: How to Wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

This video details how health care workers should wear and use personal protection equipment.
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How to Prepare at Home for a Chemical or Biological Attack

Whether biological or chemical agents are used, terrorist threats are a part of the landscape in today's world. Here are the first steps for preparation.
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